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In Aotearoa New Zealand we celebrate the traditional Māori New Year when the cluster of stars called Matariki (also known as Pleiades) first rises in late June or early July. Traditionally this is the end of the harvest season when all the food stores are full and its a time to reflect, honour the ancestors, symbolically offer food to the Gods and to celebrate with loved ones and community. Here in NZ, Matariki is a public holiday and many of us kiwis like to take the time to prepare the traditional Māori feast called a hangi. This is a method of heating rocks or irons on a fire and then burying them underground with food. The hot rocks steam the food and after several...

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3 Night Trip to Te Anau and Milford Sound

The article describes a three-day trip to Te Anau, a town in New Zealand known for its picturesque location near Lake Te Anau and its proximity to the stunning Milford Sound.  Day 1 began with a scenic drive to Milford Sound, followed by a boat cruise through the majestic fiord. On the way back to Te Anau, they stopped to hike the challenging yet rewarding Lake Marion Track. Day 2 involved a day hike on the Kepler Track, starting near Te Anau.  On Day 3, a cruise to the Glowworm Caves, a mystical underground world illuminated by thousands of tiny glowworms.  Fiordland is definitely a must-visit destination in New Zealand.

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